Chevron - CVX

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  1. Just curious if anyone here TRADES this monster?

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    Chevron profits jump 36% as crude prices rise
    California's Chevron reported a $3.64 billion quarterly profit that surged up by 36 percent from the first quarter last year. Chevron's revenues grew 13 percent to $37.8 billion and Chief Executive Michael Wirth attributed the growth to rising oil prices and Chevron's increasing oil and gas production volumes. Its oil equivalent production grew 6 percent up to 2.85 million barrels a day. Wirth said oil and gas production in Chevron's expanding Permian Basin presence in West Texas grew 65 percent from last year. (Houston Chronicle)
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  3. %%
    With the average daily volume ,[6-7 million; XOM 14 million] many are. I buy some gas from them [CVX, XOM]some, not much=my 4 cylinder HMC does not take much to fill up. LOL Good dividend yield for both. I trade/invest in more stuff like QQQ, KEM....... NOT a prediction or stock tip.:cool::cool: