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  1. How do you generally get better at it? Although I've made progress over the years, it always feels I'm stuck at a certain level -- anything that I learn from experience is just that, remembering traps, certain tactics etc. But I don't seem to be making any strides in my "conception" of the game and how it should be played, if that makes any sense. Can the game really be learned that far, or is natural aptitude the vast majority of where one's skill lies?
  2. same here..

    I play and I play and play some more..

    No matter what I do I just cannot get any better :(
  3. that makes three of us.

    You guys want to play sometime on Yahoo!?
  4. Like anything else, in the beginning progress is easy to measure. As you become more adept progress gets much more difficult to see. The only way to get better is to play better players, and that too becomes more difficult to achieve as your skills develop. In the end, as with trading, it's the passion for the game itself that keeps you going.
  5. Sure, pm me if anyone wants to have a game some time.

    Yeah, I know I should play with better players in order to get better, but it's just so discouraging at times. Especially when you're up a rook, still end up losing, and get a "hahahaha" from a 12-yr old your efforts lol.
  6. been playing for 15 years and I suck just as much as when I started....

    and all I do is play better players and get my ass kicked!
  7. Play less, study more.

    Only a fish would believe you can get good (2000+ elo) by just playing more games or stronger players.
  8. Hmm. I like the game immensely, probably because its one of few i can remember the rules to at a moments notice, apart from snap & connect4.
    I recall being beaten 5-6 times in a row in under half an hour , dont recall what the strategy was called.

    But, i did study the strategy (it takes like half a dozen moves or less-or felt like it) and STILL couldnt beat it.

    Lousy mugs used a slightly different strategy


  9. Hehe, I used to play 1 minute rapid chess at Yahoo. It can be fun.

    My highest Yahoo rating was 1870s just by playing 1 minute chess.

    I also tried reading chess books for more strategies.

    Actually if you go to online chess games, like Yahoo, you can sit and watch high level players. I learn from them, especially the opening moves and the defences.

    There is this site which is quite fun, a little variation of the usual chess:
  10. Yeah, well-i could kick your butt in connect 4!!:cool:
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