Chess and the Stock Market

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    "Now we don't want to drive the world's top GMs from the chess world to the stock exchange, but have you ever considered whether the two areas have anything in common? Whether the "Prudent Man Rule" of economics can learn from the romantic era of chess, or behavioral finance from Bobby Fischer? Here's a grandmaster who has studied the subject and presents us his conclusions..."
  2. When younger, I played a lot of chess. Now older, I play a lot of market. The one thing I see them having in common... is that you have to "figure it out on the fly". A valuable ability in any endeavor.

    (The last game of chess I played was at a party. The hosts' son was considered, at least by his parents, as some sort of prodigy. I hadn't played a single game in over 20 years, but I still took the little brat down. Parents cried "do over.. nobody beats this kid"... LOL! :D)
  3. I'm a master and would say no, aside from meeting basic intelligence requirements.
  4. That is indeed a fascinating topic. One of my dearest friends - Ron Henley - a grandmaster of chess and ( ) who is in very close relationship with all the best chess players in the world including Karpov and Kasparov has always been my sounding board for market strategies. We collaborated on many of his chess books (I was just providing him with some technical assistance) which gave me a chance to discuss some of my market strategies with him. We both agree that markets like chess have unlimited number of winning strategies and many of them are extremely similar. Risk management, sacrifice and other chess strategies are extremely useful for designing the winning market trading algorithms. Studying and playing chess is the best exercise IMHO to keep your market creativity sharp.

  5. Maddox, is that you?
  6. You guys are out of my league re chess but I've always considered the news as my opponent in the market in relationship to chess.

    Some news is a "queen" move, other news might be a bishop or a knight offense. So on and so forth.
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