Cheshire-cheese-eating surrender monkeys

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  1. Sounds like Iran has free reign to pull bullshit like this then, because there are too many people with no backbone who refuse to enforce the law, because it could "cause a serious international incident, possibly leading to war".

    No no, we shouldnt blame Iran if they had fought back, and Iran slaughtered them in Iraqi waters.

    Let them do whatever they want, as long as we dont go to war over it. Play the part of the paper tiger every time, to avoid possible war.


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  2. It is a bummer indeed, Britain used to be Great Britain, now any middle-eastern scumbag can kidnap british citizen and reduce the Brits to begging for mercy and rejoicing when the mercy is received.

    What a shame, what a transformation from once great proud, courageous nation to a spineless disgrace in a matter of a couple of decades!!!
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  3. I think Britain became weaker after they showed no action against your terrorists who bombed King David hotel which was full of their British soldiers and officers killing 91 in total.

    I would also assume that the weakness became more stark due to the continuios killing and hunting of their children just for the fuck of it like in the case of Tom Hurandall.



    What do you think dddooo?!
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  4. Yep, I agree, that's probably when their decline started...But isn't it ironic that you have to go back 61 years to a different era to find dirt on the Jews. You certainly forget to mention hundreds of attacks by arabs on British troops at that time. And even as far as this incident is concerned you conveniently forget quite a few details:

    A warning message was delivered to the telephone operator of the King David Hotel before the attack and also delivered to the French consulate and the Palestine Post newspaper. According to Irgun sources, the message read "I am speaking on behalf of the Hebrew underground. We have placed an explosive device in the hotel. Evacuate it at once - you have been warned."
    According to Begin, the British had been warned of the bombing but refused to evacuate the building because "We don't take orders from the Jews" [3].
    When the bombing occurred, there were already several reporters in the area because of the leaked warning.

    The Jewish leadership publicly condemned these attacks. The Jewish agency expressed "their feelings of horror at the base and unparalleled act perpetrated today by a gang of criminals".

    Menachem Begin reportedly was very saddened and upset. He was angry that the British did not evacuate and so there were casualties, which was against the Irgun's policy.

    I don't think your palestinian brethren give fair warning to innocent Israelis when they are about to blow themselves up in a pizza parlor or mall, do they? I don't think murdering Israeli women and children is against Hamas policy, is it?

    And I don't think the arab world gives a shit about Palestinian and Sudanese refugees. The great and the little satans do.
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  5. Hahahaha! You are hilarious dddooo! A warning? heck you guys were in so much rush DRESSING LIKE ARABS TO FRAME US...(ring a bell dddooo) you forgot to warn other Jews (17 killed to be exact) of your pending terrorist bombing. Warning my ass buddy!

    Never mind that Manahim Begin was not prosecuted for such massacre, he, as you are well aware, ended up becoming the Prime Minister of your fascist state! so much for the criminal act!

    And I especially loved the "there were casualties, which was against the Irgun's policy'

    forgive me for being a pain in the ass but are you defending a terrorist organization dddooo? the same terrorist organization that committed the Dayr Yasin Massacre?

    What else should we know about you buddy? Next thing we will see you supporting Kahana Khai?

    My brethren? the ones that dumped a two tone bomb on an apartment building killing everyone inside and then turned around, shock each other's hands for a job well done?
    Or how about my brethren who tank shelled a peaceful demonstration killing scores of demonstrators including children? or the other brethren who launched a missile from a warship against a picnicking family killing every family member aside from a lone surviving girl? Which brethren are we talking about dddooo?

    Beside, why is it whenever you lose an argument you refer to your opponent as attacking Jews like you did above.

    Buddy...You are a Zionist! Zionists are fascists. They care as much about Jews as they care about Palestinians hence the Kastner affair, the Mizrahi Jews and the ships full of Jewish refugees you blew off the beaches of Palestine in an attempt to pressure the world community into letting more Zionists into my homeland. are exposing yourself as another conniving Zionist.
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