Cheshire-cheese-eating surrender monkeys

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  1. Brits in Seville, Spain:

    Brits in Tehran, Iran:
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  2. How many Iranian ships are sailing just outside Britain's waters?

    Or Great Satan's principal ally as you call them?

    Do you really believe in Satan? If you do, you are delusional.
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  5. Anyone who thinks Iran didn't come out the big winner here wasn't paying attention. They faced down the Brits, the Eu and the UN. The Brits were clearly impotent to do anything, and the EU and UN were not willing to impose sanctions on Iran over 15 British and EU citizens being kidnapped and threatened. It was iran's way of testing the west's resolve for the nuclear faceoff that is coming. If we aren't prepared to even impose sanctions when citizens are kidnapped, who believes we will over a disputed, hidden nuclear program? Certainly not the iranians, particularly when that idiot Nancy Pelosi is sipping tea in syria and telling them to just cool it for a while and the democrats will soon be in the White House and prepared to surrender anything they want.
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  6. The EU and UN are chicken shit.

    I'd like to see what would happen if Iran had the balls to try and
    take 15 American sailors. Especially while Bush is still President.

    I don't think Iran has the balls. That is why they took British sailors.

    Or maybe they are too dumb to tell the difference.

    Gawd help the US if the people are stupid enough to vote in a
    Democratic President. All we need is another Jimmy Carter in office.
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  7. Or maybe they are smart enough to understand who they can easily humiliate (the Brits/EU) and who would have undoubtedly humiliated them (the US or Israel). They attacked who they could, not who they wanted to.

    A democratic president does not have to be another Jimmy Carter. God help the US if our next president is another Reagan who cut and ran from Lebanon or Bush Senior who did not finish Saddam or GWB who fucked up absolutely everything, destroyed the balance of power in the ME and failed to do anything at all about Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs. The point of course is, both parties have worse-than-spotty records.
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  8. (To be honest I am truly surprised they did not convert to Islam!)
    Should we be so astonished? The brits after all are closely related genetically to the Camembert-Eating Surrender Monkeys as opposed to the Fetta-Cheese Eating Axis-of Evil Monkeys.
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  9. the arseholes sold their story [mainly propaganda] to the press. the public, and especially military personnel in general were so outraged that mod had to ban them from talking again. fucking pathetic blair tried to make iran look like shit using the navy folks as instruments to either save his face or for warmongering reasons.
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  10. Isn't is a bummer dddooo. I mean, these SOB did not satisfy your, and your Israel's, lust for blood.

    I wouldn't worry if I were you dddooo! I mean, have faith in your governoment and its ability to cook something in the US and abroad to start a new war in the region that will benefit you and your neoconservative pals.
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