Cheney's daughter can't marry

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  1. gotta feel sorry for this Republican dyke

  2. come on this is off limits, she did not chose her parents.
  3. Just exposing Republican hypocrisy.
    she's a GOP operative, so fair game

    She was one of her father's top campaign aides and closest confidantes. In July 2003 she became the director of vice presidential operations for the Bush-Cheney 2004 Presidential re-election campaign.
  4. I don't believe she is
  5. With so many right wingers being closet homosexuals, they are scared shitless that if gay marriage were legal they couldn't control their natural impulses to marry into the same sex...

    Marriage a holy institution? What a crock.

    50% or greater failure rate, 75% or greater rate of spouses cheating on each other.

    Oh yes, and a few gays getting married is going to spoil all that wedded bliss and sanctity of hetero marriage...

    What a regressive country we live in...where the mostly unhappy married heteros are terrified that gay marriage might produce more wedded bliss than their own failed institution...sanctified by the church of hypocrisy, of course.

  6. google it, she is. was instrumental in 2004
  7. I just did and it does show that blood is thicker than water. It must be very difficult for both the parents and child.
  8. I edited my post with the relevant wikipedia entry.