Cheney Says Nuclear Attack Will Happen During Obamas Term

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tracer619, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Before we make a decision, let's find out if it's going to fall on Washington or not.
  2. Don't worry. Obama will say all the right things.
  3. You mean to say again " I'am sorry".
  4. moarla


    maby he knows it bevore it happens?? like 9 11??
    This is a fucking religios asshole
  5. And what was Dubya????
  6. would certainly solve all this sub prime business. a control alt delete of the u.s. ... interesting concept...
  7. Why would any terrorist bother doing something like that? To destroy America? Hasn't Cheney started that already?

    With all due respect to the victims, Osama and his buddies cost the United States only about five billion dollars for a couple of old buildings. The exaggerated response by Cheney and his buddies will cost the United States almost a thousand times that and speed the country towards an economic collapse. I'd say that Cheney played right into their trap without even realizing it.
  8. Exactly! Bush-Cheney killed more Americans than bin Laden did. And Bush-Cheney did everything they could to help terrorists raise money, anger, and state sponsorship. Bin Laden couldn't have picked a better pair than Bush-Cheney to help him in his quest to destroy America.

    If/when another attack comes, we'll know exactly who planted the seeds and fertilized it with 8 years of BS.
  9. If he's still alive, Osama is probably ROTFLHAO! Gloating, "I got them dumb bastards to destroy themselves"... :mad:
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