Cheney falls asleep during Bush's farewell speech

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    Vice President Cheney may have dozed off during Bush's apparently somniferous farewell speech last night. Courtesy of

    As Bush said, "But we must reject isolationism and its companion, protectionism. Retreating behind our borders would only invite danger..."

    Cheney's eyelids briefly fluttered shut. He immediately roused himself and sat up straighter and shifted in his chair.

    See for yourself here:
  2. Z, get off the needle you fat bastard. Don't you have something better to do with your life? :D
  3. I just hope ZZZzzzz doesn't start slitting his wrists once he realizes he can't make fun of Bush and Cheney any longer.
  4. Sadly Bush will be a joke the rest of his life.
  5. ak15


    Much longer than that. There is the Bush legacy after all is said and done. If Elizabeth Hasselbeck (the dumb blonde) is to be believed, it will be several decades before people will come to realize the greatness of the one and only Dubya.
  6. Liberals are so bitter and angry. Girlfriends help.
  7. he's just catching a couple of ZZZzzzzzz's

    been a long 8 yrs :D
  8. He's been running the Country for pretty much the entire 8 years . . .

    He was long overdue for a "nap".
  9. Not from the ones I see on tv, they all look happy to me. It's the loser conservatives who are bitter, anger, sad, and most of all confused. My guess is more liberals are getting laid now than conservatives.
  10. Reinforces the meaning of” Bush League”, don't it.
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