Cheney better watch out!

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    Wed Jul 31 2002 19:27:38 ET

    NEW YORK TIMES detail-drenched reporter Jeff Gerth is set to Page One Thursday with details on Vice President Dick Cheney's tenure as chief executive of HALLIBURTON, newsroom sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

    TIMES Editor Howell Raines is said to be impressed with Gerth's results on the Cheney trail.

    "'Dig until there is nothing left to dig on,' are Gerth's orders," a top newsroom source said Wednesday.

    Gerth files a 1900-word report on how HALLIBURTON and its shareholders have "suffered from the hidden costs from a deal that was, at the time, the high point of Cheney's five year HALLIBURTON career, his acquisition in 1998 of DRESSER INDUSTRIES."

    Gerth claims comes armed with "previously undisclosed court documents."

    The deal, which Cheney hailed as a "win-win" merger, ended up bringing costly financial burdens stemming from the growing costs of legal claims from people who say they were injured by or are at risk from asbestos in products made by HALLIBURTON and DRESSER.

    HALLIBURTON 's stock price has fallen sharply as the extent of the asbestos problem has become clear since Cheney left the company to join the Republican presidential ticket in August 2000.

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