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  1. The spring and Summer of 2011 is coming. Look up to your , once blue skies. Post pictures of chemtrails from your cities.

    Today in the morning, my whole sky was covered with white trails.

    The gov. sprays aluminium to weaken our immune system and pollute everything. The other goal is to block as much as UVB rays as possible.
    UVB rays trigger our bodies to produce vitamin D- crucial hormone responsible for many health issues.
  2. Huh??

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    Since 1996 the spraying of polymers holding Barium Salt, Aluminum Oxide, and Blood Borne Pathogens has been the norm. The spraying takes place in most of the western European countries and North America. I don't remember or know of any spraying in South America, the Middle East, or Africa. Russia may or may not have spraying programs in place and I have no experience with that part of the world.

    No one is getting close in their opinions of why the spraying programs are in place.

    The reality is much worse than any speculation, and if disclosed will be extremely shocking to everyone. Most of those involved with these active programs are compartmentalized and do not realize the real reason for the active missions.
  4. Sounds like you know more than you are sharing...

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  6. What you are seeing is condensed water vapor that results from Jet engine exhaust being expelled into a cold environment.
  7. If you are suggesting, that it's "all " water vapor, from a jet fuel turbine engine, I'm no sure that's 100 percent correct. What we "see "is all that, but not the rest.
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    Why they are spraying it only in the spring/summer? Sounds to me pretty ineffective when they could spray all year around???

    Also, how government employees (or whoever is connected) are being protected from the same spray? There must be some deffense against it, last time I checked we breath all the same air....

    Wife: Honey, how as your day?
    Sprayer: I have just sprayed Chicago today, you know Aunt Jennie? She is gonna die in 5 months.
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    This spraying is probably the explanation why the most stupid conspiracy theories always originate in the USA.
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