Chemistry in trading

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  1. Chemistry affects trading. Belive it or not, even you claim you are a mechanical or system trader. There is no escape. Some chemistry helps you win some time doesn't. I wonder it may not overstate that chemistry is one of the most critical factors among successful traders. If I had every cent for when chemistry affects someone's trading, I would be richer than W. Gates. Believe me you need to find out the right chemistry for you for the most of the time. You need your lucky chemistry.
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    You mean like drugs?
  3. Mecro, no, it's not drugs. You know, I don't like drugs. By chemistry, I just mean it all sorts of chemistry that works on our bodies and minds. Think about the super the day before, the breakfast this morning, and then the lunch. Or how about that chocolate snack. There is always subtle chemistry to change our performance. Now think about the substance we got on the way shopping on the weekend. It could change the course of our trading the week after. Then it comes to chemistry produced inside our body. A subtle change may cause an imbalance between peaceful and irritate mind, or a winning or losing decision. The timing difference is so important whether we are observing the market, making discrete decision, monitoring our systems, and following signals. Chemistry is not psychology because psychology is not the whole story. psychology talks subjectively. Chemistry is objective material changes us everyday and every minute. Chemistry is so important to our life and trade.

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