Chelating Fluoride - How?

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    Spent an hour on Google. Nothing. Is it even possible?

    So everyone knows what I'm talking about - fluoride is a toxic substance that accumulates in the body (check the back of your toothpaste). Specifically, in the brain (pineal gland) and thyroid. It reduces IQ and stimulates Alzheimers (plaque-like build up), cancers and thyroid conditions, amongst others.

    China banned Fluoride as did most of Western Europe. That is to say, Western Europeans DO NOT fluoridate their water. Neither will the Chinese.

    The Chinese have done a raft of studies on Fluoridation and IQ. The consensus is Fluoridation reduces intelligence by 15-20 points - a full standard deviation.
  2. The Chinese and Europeans should have lower rates of Alzheimers. Do they?
  3. But its gud for yer tooths.
  4. This Euro doesn't want Alzheimers!
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    The Europeans do. Roughly 20% lower rates of dementia than United States.

    China is a toxic-wonderland = too many confounding variables.
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    Thats just wrong.
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    Don't worry about flouride. Your own immune system is able to clean it up. Unless your immune system is disabled by bugs ..... Alzheimers = bugs in the brain .....