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  1. For myself, verbally cheering on a stock is a bad sign that I'm letting my emotions get too involved in my trading, and that I'm basically hoping.

    Am I wrong?

    Am I wrong to be a little distracted by those who do cheer on their positions constantly?
  2. i don't thinking cheering while your in something is bad, but hoping hoping you'll break even or hoping after your up 50% that it'll go up another 100 rather than acting on what you see
  3. I find that cheering makes me get emotional about a position, and not just trade what I see.

    If I am cheering for a stock to go up, I am likely to be less focused on getting out at an appropriate time if it does not go up.

    I guess it depends on your time frame as well.
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  5. Real or not, that's a GOOD kind of cheering.
  6. yeah better be neutral and repeat to uself..." i have no clue where this sob is goin', me thinks is gonna go higher but heck do in know, it could collapse on me in no time. still, i this pattern is usually bullish so odds are it should go higher...well let's see what happens". this is what i say when i talk to myself in durin' a long pos. works pretty well.:D
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