Cheering of Iraqi Military on this Site

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MondoTrader, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Moderators allow Cheering of Iraqi Military

    Now the moderator is allowing the cheering of Iraqi military forces in the Chit Chat section. This web site is based just a few hundred miles from the general command in Tampa, Fl USA. The vast majority of the legitamate users are americans and the majority of americans are in favor of this war. You are doing a disservice to your country by allowing pro iraqi cheerleading on this web site. I've heard from people telling me to let it go but I certainly don't have to. In fact I can drive to your offices in a few hours and bring a few dozen picketers with me if need be. And I can alert your sponsers to what they are really paying for on this site.
  2. GET 'EM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Which thread are you referring to?
  4. LOL!

    what a piece of work you are mondo!

    come on bro. you can't be so blind with patriotism to have forgotten one of the most important principles your country was founded on?
  5. haha...

    dude, you know what's really LUCKY, is that you haven't been banned yet...
  6. Look at the Last few pages of "War Optimism" in the Chit Chat section, if they haven't been deleted already.
  7. cheering for enemy troops to kill americans during a war isn't free speech, it is sedition, and it is the worst insult possible for people with relatives in the thick of the fighting. These people are hiding behind aliases but they can be found out and this web site can be shut down.