Checklist for Success..No.7

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  1. Let your winners run and cut your losers.
    Buy low, sell high.
    The trend is your friend.


    Did you catch that book promotion on #6 before it was deleted? :D
  3. i thought it was buy high sell low :D
  4. Cheese


    Let your winners run away before you get on board.
    Cut your losers just before the market turns.
    Buy low but stoploss lower.
    Sell high but stoploss higher.
    And the trend .. well, hell, that must be someone elses friend.
  5. I missed it. So zmostatabi has a book to sell.
  6. =========================
    The trend is still a friend.

    Sell lo or sell low ;
    is still a green go, if your costs are low.:cool:

    Buy high , sell higher can work well also;
    if you costs are low or lo.

    Like Edwin Lefevre wote in 1923=reuse business envelopes;
    and had a kind hearted bank teller , instead of sharpening my pencil stub as i asked ,
    she gave me a bigger pencil, still sharp, of course