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    I just oppened a relail account with a brockerage firm and I am ready to sent considerable amount of money to their Clearance Firm.

    How can I check them am out, especially their clearance firm?
    What is the regulatory authority that passes informations to prospective retail account owners?

    I assume it is a branch of SIPC or SEC, but I am sure there are match more knowledgable folks out there than I am, that would guide me..

    I would appreciate any relative information


  2. go to
    run a check on the discilinary disclosures...or go to the celaring firm web site:

    ect.....they should have all that info there...what clearing firm are you looking at?
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    Computer Clearing Services, Inc.


  4. I think they have 2 million in excess SIPC coverage.
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    Do all MB Salesmen know these stats?

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    Which broker you going with ?
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  8. I posted that as a reply to some poster claiming he had no idea how to get in touch with MB....for some reason, there are two posters who insist im working for MB trading.......why?? because i said kind words about them....But if you check my prior posts Ive said kind things about Redwood, Point Direx , Instaquote and Neovest......But if you want to continue portraying me as a salesmen for MB....Fine...but i have no affiliation with MB now or ever and do not have any current affiliation with the other firms...although I am VERY biased toward XOOM TRADE and would encourage everyone to try the platinum simulator:D
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    Thanks for the clarification.