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    Intense video, but I have a few questions that maybe someone can answer:

    1. Assuming the Apache is just hovering in one spot, how does it go undetected by those being shot at?

    2. After the first burst of rounds are let loose, why aren't they running for their lives?

    3. Is the Apache invisible? Sure musta been for them not to notice.

    I've been around a lot Cobra gunships, but Apaches I don't know. What am I missing here.
  3. good one!

    how did those smokees not see the apache??
  4. The file is 38MB... you gotta smaller version?
  5. Incredible...
  6. It made me choke on my beer... is it a real video or the creation of some kid?
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Gee-whiskers, that thing is ten percent weapons.
  9. The rounds literally disintergrated everything they hit! Were they some kind of explosive machine gun ammo?


    I think the clear disadvantage they had there was all the clearances the gunners had to get before they "smoked" the gun-runners, compared to the fighting militants who probably just fire at will.
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    before you get too big a hard on, remember that a bunch of guys with nothing but small arms and a few cell phones took out an entire squadron of these things south of bagdad. that's the worst part of this damn war - the rest of the world is getting an object lesson in how to wipe out our expensive weaponry.
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