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  2. LOL, reminds me of those old infomercials. Nothing special, just math tricks. What's 27 Xs 98 Xs 37 Xs 96?

    = 9,398,592 Why because its (1000-1) Xs [(98-2) +2 squared - (200 - 4)] or 1000 -1 (999) Xs (9408) or 9408 Xs 1000 = 9408000 - 9408 = 9398592
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  4. He's legit. He memorized pi to 22,500 places.
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    Wow!! I guess this guy should be studying price movement and volume.....and while he's at is, throw in a couple of his own mental moving averages, a quick calculation of support and resistance, and if he's wondering what the stock market was doing 50 years ago, it'll just take him a second ;) I guess tape reading might be too boring for him.

    How the hell does he do it?? Amazing stuff!!

  6. There was a whole show about this guy that I saw...they may say it in the link above, but I guess he "sees" numbers...its called synesthesia. To him, every number up to 10,000 has a unique look. His brain somehow mixes up traditionally separated areas. Although I'm not sure how his math ability explains how he can learn to speak Icelandic in a week. But anyway, assuming he had the right emotional make-up, you would assume that talent would help with trading...
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    Question is why is he only a tutor and not a professor, scientist, economist, etc?

    Maybe he is a wiz at computing numbers and memorizing, but it doesn't look like he is exploiting his talent in creative ways.

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