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about this call

  1. i am made this trade! live account!! big lot!!

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  2. i am make on my live small lot

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  3. i am make on my demo account

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  4. crap crap and more crap !!!!!!!!!!

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  1. short limit audnzd 1.2570-1.2580

    stoploss 1.2610
    take 1.25

    good luck
  2. cancel trade
  3. bpcnabe


  4. no calls today

    reason> no news on the market
    i am think no nice movements today

    see tomorrow
  5. finally market moving against chf last 3 hours

    i am think short cadchf can work

    good sup to short 1.0180-1.0185 area

    if you make this trade just have 20 pips of risk *current quote 1.0165

    u can win 40-60 pips
  6. another technicals reason
    trace fibo from last down 08-06 until today

    you have 50% fibo retracement in 1.0185-1.0190

    put your stoploss above this zone
  7. ...Shaking my head like the AFLAC duck on the Yogi Berra commercial.:confused: :confused: :confused: