Check out this view as a Tesla Roadster hurtles through space

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  2. [A Zillion Years In The Future, An Advanced Space Traveler From Another Galaxy Finds A Craft Orbiting The Sun...]

    "WTF!!!???" "Why in hell would someone orbit a ground vehicle???"
  3. So they're testing their spacecraft and advertising their cars, now that's being practical!
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    How long is it supposed to stay up there?

    The 2 boosters coming back together was pretty fun, losing the main truster, not so much.
  5. Since the Earth is flat, it can drive itself back any time on autopilot.
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    Big 3 will have a hard time topping that marketing move.
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  7. That was my first thought when I read the article, to be honest. :D
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    It is heading towards the Asteroid Belt.

    Anyhow, yesterday at Tesla's earnings call they were congratulating him on the Mars Roadster, instead of asking him hard questions.

    PR genius, that guy is....
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    Let's see if the autopilot can handle the asteroids. On Earth it has difficulties avoiding low billboards and sharp turns.
    Anyway an awesome marketing move for sure, and what Elon Musk accomplished relatively young is astonishing - founding either a rocket or a large car company is already exceptional, but the guy managed to send his car on orbit using his own rocket. Talk about a different playground...
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    Porscheplatz in Stuttgart is nice in a similar spirit, but Tesla managed to launch the car into space !
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