Check out this section of that proposed bill that failed.

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    Is that a picture of you and your father??

    Thanks. I'll be sure to post it everywhere, and link you to it!

    Have a nice weekend fag!

    BTW...when your dad.....hit you in the >>>>>>> did hurt? Or did you like it? C'mon you like it right?

    I knew you did.
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  2. it's a picture of Barney Frank, I was supporting your point. You could have looked at the name of the picture too, it's "barney-frank.jpg" but such subtleties are evidently lost on you.
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    Well than I sincerely apologize, there are no subtitles on my screen and there is no way of me knowing that was Barney Frank from the back.

    So again I apologize, thought you were being sarcastic.
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  4. Yeah reading the paragraphs its evident the math is indeed correct. I never understood lawyer talk.

    But the main point stands. I do not want to support the goddamn leftwing american hating shitbags from acorn, or all the other goddamn leftwing american hating shitbags included in this bill as beneficiaries.
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  5. You have the head guy coming in saying wallstreet is on fire... i need 700B of water to put out the fire.. i need it now...


    102 pages of socio-economic bs. Should have gone the executive order route and stated wallstreet is under attack by financial terrorists taking out our companies in a calculated war.

    Bush could have just signed a two page memorandum and the cash would have been dispursed under our defense budgets.

    Instead they woke the baby and have scared the shit out of everyone. unless... volatility is part of the master plan...
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  6. I am confused. Who are the terrorists? The dumbasses who lent the money or the dumbasses who borrowed it?
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  7. Does it matter? Executive Power pointing the finger somewhere
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