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    lol... my girlfriend just got this sent to here. he makes it sound so easy.

    Subject: Wall Street's dirty little secret ...
    Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 08:29:59 +1100
    It was the Spring of 1979.
    I was just a tall, goofy looking kid in middle school
    with buck-teeth and freckles. Each day in the
    cafeteria, I walked from table to table ...
    Stealing other kids' lunch money.
    No, I didn't rob them with a gun or a knife - I just made
    them a little deal. "Let me borrow two dollars today," I said,
    "and I'll bring you five dollars next week." The investment
    was too good to pass up, and other kids were throwing their
    lunch money at me like gravy on mashed potatoes. Of course
    when "next week" rolled around and I couldn't pony up the cash,
    I promised to pay them even more the week after that,
    if they would just let me keep their investment a little bit
    Eventually the end of the year came and went, high school
    started and with it came girls, and homework, and parties,
    and sports, and those poor kids from eighth grade had more
    things on their mind than last year's lunch money.
    I made off with a tidy sum for a middle school kid,
    and I didn't even get beat up.
    Hidden inside this story are the two greatest stock market
    secrets you will ever learn.
    First of all, greed is your number one enemy. You're not
    going to turn $2 into $5 in a week, so cash out when
    you're ahead. Don't wait for the boat to sink before
    grabbing the lifejacket.
    Second, never trust an investment adviser of any kind.
    They are looking out for their own money, not yours.
    The "professionals", those stuffy investment counselors and
    money managers, will always tell you that the best time to
    buy is NOW. According to those guys, the longer you keep
    your money in the market, the more money you're going to make.
    Ask them when is the best time to sell and their answer is
    In a sense, they are right. If you put $250,000 in an index
    fund right now, you'll probably have over a million dollars
    in thirty or forty years. But here's the problem:
    Do you want to WAIT thirty or forty years to be rich?
    Hell no!
    You want the money NOW - so you can enjoy it. It's hard to
    make use of your fortune when you're seventy years old
    in a wheelchair. If you could make a million dollars in
    the next few years, what would you do with it? Where would
    you travel? What kind of car would you buy?
    The fact is ... youth is the best time to be rich.
    If your goal is to make quick profits in the market, volatility
    is your ally, and stability your enemy. You want to see
    those large upswings, two hundred points in a day, followed
    by the four hundred point crash a week later. You don't
    care if the market went up or down 20% this year as long
    it was UNSTABLE. That's how you're going to make the
    What I'm talking about here is day trading.
    My father invests the traditional way; he holds some good stocks
    and he goes up 30K and down 30K. In the long term of 5-10 years
    he makes money.
    The day trader buys or sells 5,000 shares of XYZ for a
    $25,000 profit in a 5-10 minute trade. He acts quickly, taking
    advantage of all the information at his disposal about a
    certain stock, and estimating whether it will go up or
    down within hours, sometimes within minutes.
    I can teach you how to do this - and how to make amazing
    amounts of money at it. It's not rocket science, and you
    only need to learn a few basic principles to get started.
    Society would have you believe that successful trading is
    complicated and requires formal training.
    The truth is, wealthy people use very simple investment
    strategies to make money.
    Popular media and investment professionals portray successful
    trading as difficult and complex to scare you out of the boxing
    ring. They don't want the competetion - and they sure as hell
    don't want you paying a few dollars to an online trading firm
    to execute a trade for which they'd charge you forty or fifty
    They make their money only if you believe two lies:
    1) That investing is too difficult and risky for the average
    2) That using an investment adviser who charges a high
    commission is safer than trading online for a few bucks
    per trade.
    Here is what the financial gurus in today's society absolutely,
    positively DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ...
    The strategies for profitable day trading are in fact
    so simple that anyone can do it - provided they spend
    a few hours of studying.
    After reading over 200 financial books and publications
    during the past decade, and after using day trading
    to successfully make more than four million dollars in
    the stock market, I've learned the following lessons:
    ** Achieving financial success is incredibly simple.
    ** Anyone can do it.
    ** It only takes a few hours to learn.
    When I discovered the secret to day trading, I didn't become
    wealthy overnight. If you want instant cash, drive to Wal-mart.
    Buy a ski mask and a shotgun, and rob your local bank. The
    only way to get rich, quick or otherwise, is through
    hard work, knowledge, and determination.
    After learning the fundamentals of day trading, I started
    practicing the trading art itself, and the first few weeks
    brought modest gains. The next few months gave me the practical
    experience I needed to really earn a living, and I was pulling
    close to a six figure income. In less than three years with no
    formal financial training, minimal effort and only moderate risk,
    I had made my first million. The knowledge that I gained
    during those formative trading years I am willing to share
    with you in my new book, the Master Trader. You will learn from
    my mistakes, and from my successes, as I teach you the simple,
    secret formula for day trading that I've used profitably
    year after year.
    The income of the day trader can be staggering. Thousands, even
    hundreds of thousands of dollars can be made or lost within
    minutes. The difference between making money and losing your
    shirt is simply this: knowledge. I will provide that knowledge,
    and I will give you a winning edge at this high-stakes game.
    Average Income of a Day Trader:
    5% average an income in excess of $500,000 per year
    22% average an income in excess of $250,000 per year
    35% average an income in excess of $100,000 per year.
    27% average an income between $50,000 and $99,999 per year
    11% average an income between $20,000 and $49,999 per year
    After reading the Master Trader, you will discover extremely
    profitable, simple yet powerful trading methods that give
    you an almost unfair trading advantage and make you
    win DESPITE the current market weakness.
    Here is just a snippet of what I will teach you:
    *** Make money whether a stock goes up or down.
    *** Learn how to get in and out of stocks within split seconds.
    *** Learn exactly what stocks to trade, the exact price to
    buy them and the exact price to sell them.
    *** Save thousands of dollars by learning to avoid the
    mistakes beginners make.
    *** Learn how to trade stocks like a pro and how to make money
    consistently in every market!
    *** Learn proven strategies that give you the highest chance
    for great success.
    *** Profit on huge intraday price swings.
    *** Make money on the biggest news stories.
    *** Actively manage your risks and learn how to realize maximum
    *** Learn how to use the tools and information Wall Street
    professionals use.
    *** Learn how to develop and maintain a winning state of mind.
    It's time to ask yourself: "Am I going to listen to the
    Professionals who say BUY BUY BUY but never sell? Or am
    I going to take control of my own financial future, and
    start making money RIGHT NOW in the stock market?"
    Who is looking out for your best economic interests - some
    wealthy Wall Street stockbroker, or yourself?
    With the Master Trader e-book, you will learn everything you
    need to know in order to get started with Day Trading ... from
    choosing the best broker in order to take advantage of the
    lowest commissions and instant order executions to professional
    trading strategies that make professional traders millions of
    The Master Trader e-book is the most comprehensive yet easy to
    understand and straight-forward book ever written about active
    trading. If you are serious about success in short term stock
    trading - ORDER TODAY and start paving the road to your
    own financial future.
    Oh, and remember that scraggly kid in the eighth grade?
    His high school friends laughed when he said he was going to
    make money in the stock market.
    Six years later, he bought a beach-front home on the California
    coast - WITH CASH. Oops, they weren't laughing anymore.
    In a rollercoaster market like we have today, day trading
    is the fastest track to wealth. If you're looking
    for a long-term retirement investment with no risk
    that goes up 5% a year, then by all means, this ain't
    your kind of game.
    But if you want the QUICKEST possible way to make a FORTUNE
    in the market, with the lowest element of risk, then
    order the MASTER TRADER e-book right now. I promise
    to teach you ALL of the secrets that helped me become a
    millionaire through successful day trading.
    You don't need to know anything about the market, and
    anyone can do it, with minimum effort. It's an easy
    game to win if you know how the pieces move.
    Order the MASTER TRADER e-book right now for only $49.97
    by clicking on the link below:
  2. the response to this stuff is always:

    if he's such a good trader, why is he trying to make money off a book (or something)? just make that "$25,000 profit" in a "5-10 minute trade." either that, or sell 500 books.
  3. The guy gave himself away as a crook since the eighth grade...He took the lunch money, promised them he would pay them back next week or the week after that or next month, etc, etc

    Now he is just taking the sheeps money based on the same concepts of immediate gratification and just using a new group of sheep to replace the former with the same results...

    Old habits die hard, I suppose...
  4. Yeah, it's funny how he starts off the story by talking about how much of a crook he is.
  5. Really. Like you want to business with him? Of course, some probably will....
  6. The story is obviously made up, however, the crook part is the hook for his customer base who obviously view that part as a positive thing.
  7. Hey, it looks like a lot of people are already getting my e-mail!
  8. But, you're a "Senior" member of ET. My and so quickly. 307 posts since 8/19, jeez.
  9. You might say I'm prolific?
  10. A prolific what? You want me to say the "A" word again, don't ya?
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