check out this guy trying to scam me

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jonbig04, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Put an add on craigs list, guy says he'll buy it. Anyways he says he'll just send me a money order and send me this email (check the attachments). anyways the email i thought was actually pretty good compared to other scams. The email from "The USPS" says they will continue sending out the check as soon as the item is shipped and they get confirmation. The scammer pays for and sends you a legit label, and then you just drop it off at the UPS store or whatever. Ha, I told the guy everything looked ok and the item weighs 20lbs. He sent me the legit label LOL, now im going to send him a box of rocks with some kind of note in it. Scammed the scammer.
  2. end of email is attached.

    ps I sent him this pic and told him i thought this was what we agreed on. It was supposed to be a 23" Apple cinema display. haha i love messin with this guy.

    <img src="">
  3. Im still talking to this guy. I told him i was just kidding about the camera, but I had a mac i would sell him for $500. He said ok and sent me another legit shipping label. LOL. This is what he gets for trying to take my money.

    I wonder how much all this shipping is costing him. :D