Check out this Dell 30" LCD WQXGA

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  1. i bought the 24 " for $700.........seems the better buy for 6" difference.
  2. Tums


    I would rather have 2 monitors with 1920 x 1200 resolution.
    The combination will have alot more real estate, and alot more pixels.
    Putting them side-by-side give a comfortable panaramic view.
    I can also separate the functions by the screen.
    Probably cheaper too. ;-)
  3. That's a sweet screen! I'm gonna get that screen in a 3-way set-up like this:


    Gonna start with the 2x21" screens first for 2x1600x1200= 3,840,000 pixels. Then add the 30" in a year or so as prices drop for another 2560x1600=4,096,000 pixels for a grand total of 7,936,000 !!! :)


    Its my understanding that the 30" LCDs require a special graphics card to support it. Is this true?

    I heard its pretty expensive too

    so the actual costs is about $400 higher.
  5. I've got the above but with a 24"... 24" in the center and two 18 rotated vertically on both sides of the 24". For me, it was optimal in terms of data gleaning, processing, and data capacity... Admittedly there is a slight offset between the 18" and 24". I don't have a pic but the layout is similar...
  6. If you have a dual-link dvi port, you should be fine. I think there is also a matrox USB work-around...
  7. Good traders keep an eye an their return on investment.

    If you buy 24 inch screens your price per inch viewable screen will be 17% lower than when you buy 30 inch screens.

    If you buy 21 inch screens your price will be 55% lower per inch viewable screen.

    As long as you don't really need 1 screen for a chart i would buy severel 21 inch screens.

    But most probably don't have the limited budget that i have. :(

  8. that is a CRAZY setup... whoa~!
  9. I've got the 24 and the 19, I couldn't imagine ever needing more.
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