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    Hi I created a commodity site. I would like to get your guys feedback on it. I created to help me trade better. It has charts, news, quotes and trade recommendations from brokers. I want to know what else I can put on it to help trade....any suggestions would be helpful!
  2. MGJ


    I suggest that there are a hell of a lot more people interested in Gasoline futures ("RBOB") than in Orange Juice or Pork Bellies. Have a look at the daily volume numbers for these commodities and make up your own mind.

    If you agree then perhaps you can ask Bob Hunt to eliminate Orange Juice or Pork Bellies from the Daily Trend Trader page, and use the slot just opened to report Gasoline futures.

    Oh and by the way, the internet's best site uses an apostrophe to indicate possession. When you leave out the apostophre, internets is a plural. Kind of makes your start page seem redneck.

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    Gotcha I'll change it!
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    Let me know what you guys want to see I'll put it up there for you
  5. What happened to the previous threads on the topic, there were some great ideas there!

    Configuring default technical veiws for members, flip charts among them.
    Im harping on it, sure, but you did ask-these are things that im certain would bump page views through the roof.

    Nothing available truly appeals to the newb/cheapskate/learner, and its these types that look at site like this-people love FREE stuff, and as good as barchart/futuresource is, they have significant flaws.

    I thought i detected some data errors there too, dont recall the contract-probably a basic problem with rolling contracts.
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    Let me know what you guys want to see. I'm just looking for good ideas....
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    Maybe since commodities are so hot right now you may want to think about the major markets that are doing so well. Oil, precious metals etc.. and put a lot of content on those markets
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    That's a good idea
  9. I like currencies but I closed your web site as soon as I saw the optionetics logo on it.

    Prob won't go back unless you tell me you took it off.

    Optionetics sucks, it is the biggest waste of money you can find. I think they will go out of business soon anyway, the price keeps going down. . .
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    what about electricity?
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