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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by actionzip54, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I want you to check out my sick blotter and let me know how these trades went! The first trade is an 80 lot on a clear xyzf breakdown and the second, my first 100 lot, is on my favorite set up, the buzz lightyear. Anyways, just looking for some feedback. Hope you plebes can keep up...
  2. Little boy, get on your bike and go home to see mummy.
    Trading will come later. :p
  3. Killing it right now. I just entered this trade on my special indicator called the bozingo indicator. See how it goes overbought preceding that bingo trade. Yep, killin it boys.
  4. geeze , may be you should go to LV ( Bingo ? )
  5. wedge bull flag. congrats!
  6. Thanks this shizz is so easy breezy.
  7. get back in on a pullback.
  8. I'm thinking of upping my size to a 1000 lot on this next one, whatcha think fellas?
  9. please do, and let us know what you are trading.
  10. Pullbacks are for suckers. I catch bottoms. It's so easy to make money when you can just pick a good bottom or top. As you can tell from my blotters I'm off a little today because I'm not just hitting the lows and highs, but hey, we all have off days.
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