Check out this anti-Mac commercial

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  1. Too funny!

    I switched from PCs to Macs about a year ago. Although I'm pretty happy with the Mac, I DO look at my PC-using friends with envy because they have great apps that don't work on the Mac. But least it doesn't crash on me, aside from the Microsoft apps (is it a conspiracy?).

    I'll probably have to get a PC anyway since Realtick doesn't work on Macs. Also, I can't do remote prop trading on my machine. It DOES look awesome though (for a $3500 toy) and chicks dig it. They think I'm a bohemian creative type. And I DO love my Ipod (but they're available for PCs now, aren't they?)!

    Oh well...
  2. Hey, if you need to get laid, buy a VW ragtop and a Mac....

    And, if you run a PC with XP Pro and good won't crash either.
  3. Sorry, granola chicks with Birkenstocks and hairy armpits don't interest me...

  4. You must not be from Southern California...all the hot chicks dig ragtop VWs.
  5. In the Northeast here, guys in VW cabrios are assumed to be gay.
  6. rs7


    I don't think I have ever seen a male drive a "new beetle" it just coincidence?
  7. I am surprised that the VW is popular in gay culture (and anti war/hippie/yippie before that), given that it was Adolph Hitler's pet project. I dont think he liked any of those types.
  8. in the southeast men who drive convertible VW's are also assumed to be gay. Same goes for Miatas and other "cute" convertibles. Some people even think MAC owners are gay, and those commercials with california graphic artist types are not helping.
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