Check out the Spitzer girls!

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by blackchip, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Too bad they don't pick out the ones that actually did Spitzer and how much he paid.

    Maybe during the trial. :D
  2. $31,000 per DAY + 20% currency exchange fee?

    Must be able to "grant wishes" for that price..
  3. sim03


    Those aren't the girls.

    The "Emperors Club VIP" website was shut down a couple of weeks ago, when that story first broke out, although you can still find many of its pages in Google cache. Such as the infamous "$1,000-$5,000/hour" girls' names and cities, but, sadly, not their full-body pics.
  4. toc


    My experience with hookers is not the body totally but also the way they act, talk and move. Even $150/hour babes do a good job so why pay $5500.........hahahahahahahahaha!
  5. An old supervisor of mine once told me the joke:
    What's the difference between a $20 hooker and a two hundred dollar prostitute?

    a hundred and eighty bucks.