Check out the photographer's expression...

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  1. 1) ?.....the guy to the left of the backboard in the gray sweatshirt? :confused:
    2) Michigan is a douche. Screw them! :D
  2. Yea, real nice. How many steps did he take? Looks like at least 2. Hmmm when I was in grade school that was called traveling. Nice play, but the guy on the inbound took an extra step. Wisconsin resident, except for the years I was a Gooooopher. Hockey rules, at least this year! :D
  3. After further review, no. You might want to watch it again. Objectively this time.

    Oh, and I'm really sorry about the gophers once again being over rated, and dropping out of the top 25 after this weekend.
  4. Yes.
  5. In all fairness, I'm not sure you can call a state a douche. Some of the inhabitants, perhaps. But the state? Hmm..
  6. Lol, yea, thats why I throw out hockey. The Goophers are killing it this year. Not a real basketball fan, and part of the reason is the lack of rules. I also went to U of M when the team was raping in Wisconsin and got away with it. I also worked with a guy on campus, and his wife was a tutor for the basketball team. Let's say I lost all respect based on observation and the stories she passed on. It made me think I was going to a school down south.
  7. I thought you were dying...???
  8. No, just restricted on what I can do until I pass some tests. No driving, limit how much tv, and a bunch of other crap, including ax on trading, but I have cheated there a couple times. I had a small procedure to take care of damage from concussions and doc seems to think it went well. The guy had me worried, and got me to take care of all that wonderful planning crap you are supposed to do.
    Anyway back to what brought me back, a little harrassment. Go Gophers! Didn't watch the game, but listened to parts and just read the paper.
    Peace :D
  9. Dude, get healthy. Talking sports trash is one thing, health is another.

    Yeah, that WI - MN game wasn't fun. The rankings are all over the place this year, and who knows where the final numbers will end up.
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