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    If you believe the correction is over and we will get 5-7% rally in 2-3 weeks, these tech stocks are good to consider.

    Personally I like ADI. Specially after today's price action. It is headed to break 52 weeks high. No warning, great outlook.

    CSCO is also another good one to consider as a value stock
  2. Nothing like a summer rally to give you a false sense of "security".

    I would agree Analog Devices is the best of the bunch. However, it's more apt to re-test the breakout in the low 30's than break 40. In between it's worthy of extracting a sliver.

    Altera isn't too bad either.

    Cisco? C'mon,
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    I agree with you on CSCO and I know how you feel about that. I want to bang CSCO's head to the wall but then that is why I like it. It is good to buy it now and then two months later sell it at 17 or even higher. It is good for very patient investors. It is better than shorting NFLX or .... and then blow up your account.

  4. Investor? This is a trading site. Cisco's average daily volume is high. Saturated. It's not going to move much one way other the other. Churn. IF it was a key index component it would be a different story.

    There's too many other stocks to even consider it.

    Stick with Analog Devices or Altera, but IN harmony with the overall market.

    Only an idiot would short Net Flix until it both broke trend AND failed a re-test of that break. It will have it's day in the sun just like Krispy Kreme, Taser, and..........EBAY. And, to paraphrase the Jackson 5, "I'll be there".
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    It is 9:33 now. Market is down a little (about 0.3%) but that is a fake pullback. No one is selling. Market wants to go up. I believe today will close green too.
  6. bonchi07


    Some stocks are definetely showing some strength today.

    Some to keep an eye on:

    ILMN...If it can only break that resistance level.
    TITN... if it can go beyong 33. Acting ok so far

    I am a new member and I am very excited to be able to talk stocks!!! I am a day trader.
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    the thread contain meaningful very helpful....
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    S&P is down almost 2% and look at ADI. It shows real strength. Basically I see strength in Semi stocks after sell off in OIL. It seems that traders are shifting from oil to tech/semi stocks. The trend has just started. ADI seems a buy technically and fundamentally.
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    If today market rebounces just 0.5% of its loss or if tomorrow market is up by 0.5%, ADI would easily hit $38. ADI seems good even for short term trading although there are more juice in it.
  10. hajimow


    Check out ADI and ALTR. They really want to roar back. If just market lets them. Be ready for a strong tech/semi comeback. These companies had great forecast for next quarter and have not warned.
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