Check out our idiot Prez

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  1. It is almost like a deer in the headlights........

    I am starting to feel sorry for this guy...... or maybe the correct thought is that I am starting to feel embarrassed for him.
  2. Why black gangsta's can't quit playing with themselves in public I will never know.
  3. maxpi


    20 years of Liberation Theology and the guy can't find his ass with both hands...
  4. He is an absolute disaster.

    He pulled the missle shield from eastern Europe to get Russia's help with Iran and they laughed at him.

    He goes around the world apologizing and bowing to everyone and they just laugh.

    Iran just laughs and laughs and laughs.

    Now he demands Isreal stop building settlements and gets the Palestinians on board, Isreal goes and tells him to F himself and now the Palestinians are left hanging.

  5. TGregg


    Even the libtards are left bereft of any response other than "Bush was worse!" Even they know what a disaster this guy really is. And it's not even 10 months in.

    Jimmy Carter must be grinning from ear to ear and high fiving everybody in sight.
  6. dsq


    you teabaggers are a bunch of illiterate retards... your leaders are rush,palin,beck and fox news and you aspire to the goals of white militias and the kkk and radicals running around with guns and screaming about the black helicopters taking over your nascar party.

  7. We are illiterate retards eh?
    So let me guess you are the opposite and represent the liberal "genus"?
  8. dsq


    liberals make it a point to be opposite of idiots like rush,pali,beck ...its not hard to do but we especially take pride in it now since the teabaggers started exposing the fools that rightwing nuts are.
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