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  1. I have been trading for a year now and feel I am ready to write some books. Here they are:

    Trading in the Twilight Zone
    How I made $20 in the Stock Market
    Stock Market Blizzards
    The Joy of Giving Up
    Probably High Trading
    Technical Analysis of Stock Traps
    How to Make Money in Stockings
    A Random Hock Down Wall Street
    Trading is for Dummies
    Options, Pricing, and Futility

    :D :D :D
    Happy Weekend :p
  2. Choad


    Pretty good but you forgot a few:

    To Kill a Martingale

    The Education of a Speculum

    Rammed by Foolishness

    Options as a Tragic Investment

  3. Trading for a Survival

    Come into my Trading Trunk
  4. hcour

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    Technical Analysis of the Fickle Markets

    The Masturbating Swing Trader
  5. "Fooled By Flatulence"

    "Dynamic Farting"

    "Building Losing Systems with PlayStation"

    "Pears Trading"

    "Technical Paralysis of Stock Bends"

    "Climax into my trading room" :D
  6. "New Shading Dimensions; how to profit from crayons in stocks, bonds, and commodities"

    "Technical Anarchists Z to Q"
  7. "Getting Finished in Options , the Last Edition"
  8. Elliott Wavering Theory
  9. Reminiscences of a Commission Generator
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    lol - luv it guys. funniest thread in months. heres mine.....

    pring - technical analysis explodes

    elder - trading for a bankruptcy filling

    stridsman - trading systems that dont work

    elder (again cos hes shit) - come into my snake oil trap you dumb fuck.
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