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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Andrea Wylan, Oct 6, 2020.

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    The Market as Mirror

    In my experience as a trader and coach, I have come to see the market as a big, glaring mirror. So, when we look into it (or trade in it) we see ourselves!

    What does that mean? Well, as traders, we are focused on things like charts, implementing strategies, using indicators, seeking out opportunities for gains, experiencing excitement and hope, etc. The market includes all this, but at a deeper level, interacting with the market is an opportunity to see one's self.

    When you trade, you probably experience some emotion-- calm, fear, anxiety, elation, resistance, uncertainly, confidence, etc. These emotions are common for traders to experience, but you may or may not allow yourself to be aware of them.

    The emotions we have while trading are not about the market, although they seem to be. These emotions and reactions are inside you. The market is "triggering" you, like a bully poking his finger in your chest.

    So the "mirror" translates to the market as a place which can provide you a reflection of yourself. Whatever is brought up by trading can now be seen if you are willing to look.
    If you knew that taking a "look" at what comes up, and allowing this awareness would help your trading, would you the be curious or interested?

    See the full article here.
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    I see you have a FB trader Mminset group. Below is a list of 18 rooms that have “Fib” in their name or claim to trade according to Fibonacci. I am sure you group is familiar with at least some of them. So tell me: which of the 18 actually trade futures? at all? ever? Can you find a single room that posts a track record of trading based on Fib and shows their trades in real time? I think "trading Fib" is a myth based on a dead mathematician that did not speak English much less trade futures.




    4. (coast investment software)









    13. (fib stuff)

    14. (fib)



    17. (fib)

    18. (fib indicator)
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    @Andrea Wylan

    in the public domain

    appeciate if you could post back some specifics of how you could take me from a 51% win rate with a minimum 12% ROCE to a higher win rate as well as a higher return rate?

    I'm simply looking for a consistent YOY 50% increase to what I'm achieving now above.

    could you link the fee rate for what you do, or maybe PM me if you unable to post on the forum?

    what if any are the guarantees of your "trader coaching" that you provide, do you have a disclaimer?
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    hehehehe - just one??/ Weeeeoooo you are disciplined! Excellent then. #3 - hyperbolic discounting is my Achilles heel.
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    If you are interested in working with me or learning more about what I do and how I do it, please contact me directly and we can discuss your situation. I offer a free 30 minute consultation.

    I don't offer any guarantees, but I am happy to speak with you so you get a sense of what working together might be like.
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    Hi Daz,
    Not sure why you are asking me RE Fibs.
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    I'm good & thanks for the offer.

    I shall continue on down the road fumbling in the dark, massaging my present method(s) through continuous learning to improve & achieve better results than what I'm getting right now.

    Have yourself an exhilarating day!

    over & out
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    Sounds good!
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