Check out lovely India. Where human corpses litter the Ganges river.

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  1. These three toilet photographs represent three levels of toilets in India. Note what is common to all of them, which is that none of them have any toilet paper, but all of them have a bucket of water at arms length… yes, you’ve guessed correctly, Indians don’t use toilet paper when using the toilet, they use their hands. After defecating, you use your left hand finger to wipe the feces around your anus, and then use the water in the bucket to wash your hand. The custom is to use your left hand to wipe your butt, so when you go into a store to select food, you mustn’t use your left hand.

    JY people believe, this is actually is a good habit. The first benefit is that cases of hemorrhoids are significantly lower; the second is that it can greatly save paper, good for protecting the earth’s resources and the development of green initiatives. So just by doing this, it saves a great amount of wood.

    " none of them have any toilet paper,"

    "Green initiative"

    "Saves a great amount of wood"


    speaking of "shitty".

    I wonder how many trees were used in printing a million E mails from GS shitty deals when the issue came before congress.
  2. Wow..... unreal!!

    Thanks for the nightmares!! :confused:
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  4. And I thought the poor in The US had it bad
  5. On a global scale, there are no poor in the United States.
  6. Why is India such a mess. Where does all the tax money go for infrastructure? Obviously the wealthy there do not mind living in a cesspool.
  7. ROFL, the libs will never get that. Look at the environmentals and where are they on China and India? I gueess it is much more convient to attack a country that allows freedom of speech than those that don't. Why waste time money and lives on those that will execute you for expressing an opinion? LOL
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    The contrasts of toilet technology in Asia are amazing. I have not been to India but I saw some extremes between Japan and Thailand.

    In Japan you often encounter extremely high technology toilets with built-in bidet functionality, heated seats and forced air dryers. Most public bathrooms are immaculate.

    In Thailand one encounters "squat toilets" which are just a hole in the floor over which a person literally squats to take care of business. What shocked me was the custom of discarding used toilet paper in the waste basket. Even in some nice homes I saw a trash basket full of used toilet paper in the bathrooms. Pretty repugnant. In one establishment that had western toilets I noticed dirty footprints on the toilet seat where some Thai guy had squatted, apparently unaware of that western toilets are designed to sit on. Thai toilets often have a device called a "bum gun" which is an attachment something like the dishwashing nozzle found in western kitchens and is used to clean oneself instead of toilet paper. I rather liked the "bum guns" and think they could catch on here in the US.

    Regarding India, one consistent thing I've heard from travelers I've met is that India is to be avoided at all cost. The cities are filthy, the hotel accommodations are primitive and the food extremely sketchy. I've noticed that Indian men are very reluctant to shake hands. Your posts explains that reluctance pretty effectively nutmeg. :D
  9. India is truly an overpopulated cesspool. Look at those two kids swimming in utter filth masquerading as a river.

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