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  1. The Quarterly numbers will come out AH today. It is supposed to be good in every dimension. Margin, sales, profit and it is supposed to be a record sales in ADI history. After last week selloff and today's good earnings, it will fly. The whole chip sector has good outlook. TXN, LLTC, ADI, ...
    ADI and TXN are buy now.
  2. Another interesing thing about ADI:

    In their last 45 years of being in business, they never lost money in any quarter. Always profitable. Over 3.3% dividend.
  3. The way it is going, it is quite possible that it may hit 32.5 by this Friday. It might hit 52 weeks high. Will close over 29 today and then will fly AH.
  4. It is at 28.78 now. Tomorrow this price will look ridiculous.
  5. so you are the one who bought all those ADI calls yesterday
  6. I can tell you that I have some positions. I am not that big to buy all those calls. Like 60 calls. I have also sold some naked PUTs. 29 PUTs will expire worthless for sure. I am betting on 30 and 31 PUts expire worthless.
  7. Regarding the outlook for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010, Mr. Fishman stated, “Looking ahead to the fourth quarter, given our higher opening backlog, we are expecting continued revenue growth. We anticipate that revenue will be in the range of $740 million to $770 million for the fourth quarter. We are planning for our gross margin to be 66% to 67% of sales. We expect that operating expenses will grow, but well below revenue growth. As a result, we anticipate that our operating margin will be in the range of 35% to 36% of sales and earnings per share will be in the range of $0.68 to $0.72.”
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    Ok hajimow, you're on. I got filled at 28.87
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