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  1. I hate to sound like I'm advertising, but I was just at dell, and picked up 5 of the new 17" lcd monitors for the new pc I am having built. I was gonna go for the 15 inchers, but they are having a special 20% off sale on peripherals in one of those last minute make the quarter efforts I think. Anyway with free shipping I got 5 for under 3k. Usually 17 inchers are like a k each. With the sale they were like 580 or something. I have no affiliation with dell, but if you are looking for some cheapo gear, you should check them out in the next few days while this sale is still on.
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    I went to their site and saw 10% off (ending today) and the only 17" flat panel I saw was $749. What model # did you buy? Is the 20% off a special promotion?
  3. It was a sale that lasted til midnight I think. I saw the 10% and thought that was great, but when I went to checkout, they did 20%. It was the same 17 incher they are advertising on their lcd webpage. Just try it and see if you can get 20% if interested. I thought it was a good deal.
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    If you have time could you post the specs and price for the computer you're having Dell build? I'm thinking about getting a new computer and it would help to know what you're getting since you're an active trader.
  5. Dell told me they couldn't build what I wanted, so I'm having a local guy build it for me. He's the one who built my last system as well.
    Amd 1.9g processor
    4g ram
    I think appian Jerronimo (not positive, he's still looking into which vc to use)
    Win 2k
    4X 17" LCD monitors
  6. I don't get the resolution of current LCD offerings. For charts I use 19" monitors running at 1600x1200. You can buy laptops with 15" LCDs that have that resolution but I can't even seem to find 17" LCDs (which have about the same viewable area as 19" CRTs) capable of 1600x1200 resolution.

    Most of my 19" monitors have a refresh rate of 85hz @ 1600x1200 and strangely enough, there are fewer and fewer comparable models on the market now and those seem to be holding at the same price level of > $450. Consequently LCDs are closing the price gap but the resolution is not comparable.

    Refresh rate is not a spec that can accuratley be compared between LCDs and CRTs so that not a factor. When my CRTs die I'll further investigate something like

    I have no affiliation and have not called them for pricing (which may be astronomical) but they've got some cool looking stuff there and apparently have the size and resolution I want.
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    "Dell told me they couldn't build what I wanted, so I'm having a local guy build it for me. He's the one who built my last system as well.
    Amd 1.9g processor
    4g ram
    I think appian Jerronimo (not positive, he's still looking into which vc to use)
    Win 2k
    4X 17" LCD monitors"

    AMD does not have 1.9g processor at this time. They do have a their own naming convention that is meant to descrive "relative performce," and there is a 1900+ processor, but its clock rate is 1.60 GHz.

    The flat monitors are a must today, IMHO. They will save your eyes over the long run. The only thing that I would add is, try to get monitors that support DVI and a graphics card that does as well. they cost more, but they make flat panels that much easier onthe eyes. One last thing, it is easy to set up three monitors, but four or more is somewhat problematical. You may be interested in arms to hold them at reasonable elliptic angles...

    Make sure that you get DDR ram, and a motherboard that supports DDR, as it really is necessary with the XP processors to get the best out of them.

    Just out of curiousity, have you considered getting a dual processor based system? Many software are written to take advantage of the second processor, and even when they are not, the Operating System will make use of the extra processor, often seeing an improvement in the responsiveness of the TCP/IP stack.

    FWIW, I used a dual 300 MHz machine for a while, and it worked fine, or even better, than faster single processor systems. That is, until I started opening up a whole bunch of charts (I don't really use charts, but the way I trade, my program forces me to open windows with charts on them - I am looking for something that can do the same thing with only spreadsheet type analysis)

    Now, I have a dual Intel Xeon 1.8Ghz/512 cache machine with 1GB of Rambus ECC memory, and a Supermicro motherboard. This machine is _blazingly_ fast.

    By comparison, many 6 to 7 figure traders that I have seen are on old PII and pIII systems, looking at a three or four 15" horrible screens, and trading off spreadsheet style quote screens...

  8. I'll trade in my stuff for older crap if it gets me to the 7 figure level! If it ain't broke...
  9. Honestly, I would love to to respond to you in some way, but my knowlege of computers is very limited. I bought my last machine off this guy, and I trust him to design me the best possible system. I really don't remember the exact specs. I think he said that amd did have that processor, but it could be the other one you're talking about. I wanted the additional ram as opposed to more speed. I wish I could respond better.
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    " me the best possible system..."

    praetorian2, the system you described is a very good system, but it is _NOT_ the best possible system by todays standards.

    Take a look at this for a system that, if you put two of the new 2.2 GHz processors in, and otherwise get similar components to the other system, would be state of the art.

    NOTE WELL: You don't want to get it in the 2U case as shown, get it in the full tower case.


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