Cheapest way to scalp?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ikeaboy, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. ikeaboy


    hey folks,

    what instruments would you recommend for scalping and short term trading? with cheap i mean low spreads and commissions...

    i guess futures are cheaper than forex?

    thanks bye
  2. I prefer the old fashioned way

  3. ikeaboy


    very funny... any other ideas? :)
  4. Yes, but you must be very incisive and have a very good edge to do it well.

  5. Anyone that can answer your question is clueless ... because you are asking the wrong questions.
  6. ikeaboy


    i just wanted to know where the spreads are the lowest and the ATRs the highest?! that is cheap in my opinion... what futures would that be?
  7. Dogfish


    Try dax on eurex EUR12.50 a half tic
  8. touche
  9. HUGE volume scalping FX with IB
  10. Scalp USD/JPY with IB.
    0.5 pips spread almost the whole day, several millions of liquidity on
    both sides at the best price level virtually all the time, and if you reach a trading volume
    above 2 billions per month :D , the commission is only $10
    per million.
    You can scalp the sh1t out of them...
    #10     Feb 17, 2010