Cheapest real-time charts?

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    A friend asked me if I knew what the cheapest intraday stock charting service was, and I don't. No frills... yet, still "real-time". Well, as real-time as the internet gets, anyway. 'Cheap' is the main feature he's seeking.

    Googling this topic produces a lot of junk.

  2. Consider IB with Sierra Charts. I don't trade with IB, but if you have an account and don't meet min they charge 10 bucks a month for real time data then pump it into to sierra I think for 40? 50 bucks is the cheapest you will probably get. You will have to verify this I am going off of memory.

  3. Quote Tracker is free (for a version with ads in it,) and it is good. You just need a data feed. If you already have a broker, it is possible they provide a data feed for you. If not, visit the QT site and there are some suggestions for feed services. I think there are few on their that are at a discounted rate if you are coming from the link on the Quote Tracker site. You should be able to find data starting around $20 per month. And if you want to pay the small QT subscription fee to get the ads to go away, it is well work it for the software you get as well.
  4. Quotetracker is $60 a YEAR. Or free if you dont mind an ad on your screen.
  5. IB and Medved

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. My only concern with IB data, is it may not be first tier, as I believe E signal and CQG are. But then we are talking cheapest data real time right?
  7. Cheapest isn't necessarily the most dependable- i've seen Yahoo real time for 15.00 and cbsMarketwatch for the same amount. that is the cheapest i've seen.

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  8. Can't go wrong with Quotetracker.

    I laugh at myself when I think back on the days when I used to pay esignal through the nose for their advance chart package that isn't half as good as QT.
  9. If you dont like adverts or just dont like quotetracker then try Sierrachart ( ) or Ensign (more features for fib fanatics especially), or perhaps the old tradestation 2000i which can all be hooked to Interactive Brokers data.

    On IB data being "first grade" ... when you've got IB data tracking the market as it moves and Esignal lagging behind you might begin to redefine things. But its all a question of what you like - sometimes you get more when you pay more, sometimes not.
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