cheapest r/t es?

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  1. forget transact the feed wasn't good. anyone out there charge around $4 r/t for min vol like 100 r/t's or less a month. $5 stuff is robbery. let's get some names going here and what type software each has
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  3. Funny. I would think with you doing 1000-2000 trades a day and all, that you would already know.
  4. thats stock trades i do not futures

  5. keep in mind how much esignal will cost you to run with CQG and 3.80 will not be your true overall cost.

    And keep in mind,along with cheaper come trade offs, do you really want crappy servers that disconnect and cause you to miss trades, do you really want to get an automated system answering when you are long 10 es and cme goes down and you need to hedge with the spoos from the pit ?
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    Actually these commissions are the final cost. CQGTrader is a free product from CQG where you can view the real time data for free, trade different markets for free and this is all for different exchanges at the same time. Add to it the reliability, data correctness CQG provides and superior customer service and you have a good deal.

  7. when did CQG start offering charting ?
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    you should be able to get around the $4/rt with OEC - talk to justin. no vol reqs, no platform fee, and you can use their data feed with QT ( for charting.

    i thought that IB also had rates pretty close to $4/rt. you might look into them as well.


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