Cheapest Options Commissions?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by crimony, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. crimony


    The cheapest options commission I could find was Ameritrade at $9.99 + $0.75 per contract. Anyone know of a better commission schedule for options? Thanks.
  2. Interactive Brokers is $0.00 ticket charge and $0.75 per contract.
  3. MTE


    Commissions are only one of the factors when choosing a broker. Besides, if you do enough size then you can usually negotiate a rate that is lower then the generic one.
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  5. Can we get better than 0.75 per contract? I tried to get lower than 0.75, but was rejected.
  6. MTE


    As I said, depends on the broker and your volume.
  7. How many contracts are you talking about when you say "enough size"?
  8. simplex trading. 0.50 a contract, no volume requirement.
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  10. Will they match IB's prices?
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