Cheapest Option Executions

Discussion in 'Options' started by jennajameson87, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Who has the cheapest option executions?
  2. There is no such a thing called cheap in the world of options. You are screwed with expensive cost one way of another. The best way to seek a cheap way out of the wood is not to touch options. Remeber Do not, I repeat, do not have anything to do with options. You will understand me soon if you try to.
  3. just21

    just21 $1 a contract, no minimum, can route to exchange of your choice for $1.95
  4. For how many contracts?
  5. fortuna


    I pay 2 usd per lot at bear stearns (execution + prime broerage + exchange fees)
  6. That is a lot if you are doing size ...
  7. fortuna


    usual size is 200 lots
  8. How many contracts a month?