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  1. What' s the cheapest long distance service for a second home, where you almost never use long distance? I don't really care what the per minute is, but I don't want to pay any minimum each month.
  2. Costco calling Card by MCI...then program in the ph# and code into your handset as a quick dial feature....then you can prepay the phone card.

    Also you can travel with great at only 3 cents a minute. You can use it on all your phones and avoid long distance companies completly, if you wish. International calling is cheap also with that Costco Pre-paid Card and no monthly miniumum. You can easily recharge it from your phone with a credit card.

    Sam's Club has one from ATT too at a similar price.

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    I bought some AT&T calling cards at Costco. No expiration date. 3.5 cents a minute within the U.S.
  4. Agree about Costco calling cards... are a great value at 3cents/minute. For home though, if you dont like having to use calling cards everytime you make a call. I found GTC Telecom that charges i think $.04/minute with no minimums and no service fees except normal fed. charges. I have been using them for a year now and they are great. Find them online.

  5. Does someone know which is the cheap and good quality
    service for calling USA from abroad (I'm in Asia) ?

    I am looking for Phone to phone calls, not Web to phone calls.

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    If you have a Sam's Club nearby, the AT&T calling card is 2.96 cents a minute w/in U.S.
  7. Thanks for the info on Costco, it's better than what I'm paying.
    Also, I'll ask the same question on what is best deal for USA to Europe calling? Mostly to Germany if that matters.


    3 cents/min to Europe (+39 cents to connect)

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