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  1. Hello, what is the cheapest level 2 broker that gives ECN access? I am generally going to base my choice on a broker according to this price. NobleTrading demands 150 dollars per month. TradeStation is 100 dollars. Etrade level 2 are free but i read some very negative comments about them. I found the canadian based TradeFreedom to want 50 dollars per month, and that is the cheapest for now (but i dont know if they give ECN access). I saw a few others but nobody falls below 100 dollars per month for level 2 access.

    So i was wondering what are your observations about this price issue in regards to the level 2 access with ECN?
  2. Interactive Brokers has it. They just pass through whatever NASDAQ charges for the data. I think it's $20, but you can verify it on their list of data fees.
  3. Hi traveler and thanks for the reply. I have only 10 000 dollars for investment. What would be the second best choice besides IB?
  4. Its pointless to have level 2 or direct access if you only have $10,000.

    You wouldnt be able to day trade equities which what the level 2 and direct access are for.
  5. Why wouldn't i be able to day trade equities with 10 thousand?
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    MB trading? their L2 is pretty good one(better than IB's for example),free with 25K on account + they do have SDK for programmers
    no monthly inactivity fees, no data fees(exept for arca(but you have to pay for it separately in any other broker too)
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    you would violate PDT - pattern day trading rule

    you need min of 25k to trade

    u wll need to join a prop firm to trade under 25k. Incidentally, most of them have level 2 access and relatively cheap (cheaper then retail).

  8. Thanks for the replies Bob and Gregory. MBT is really low-cost but I can't use them because my country is not in their list. I found Ameritrade, but i can't use them for the same reason. So far, Questrade for 20 dollars would be a cheap one too. And i'm not seeing negative comments about them. I continue looking for other good cheap brokers with that services.
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    Try contacting Investors europe. Im sure they have a good platform to choose from.