Cheapest for Big Size

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by daniel_m, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Andre


    It's hard not to be a fan of QuoteTracker.
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  2. Rigel


    If you have big size you ought to be able to do it for free.:D
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  3. dereksas


    Might want to look at MB trading. They are related to Terranova-MB (share the client database), but clear through a different firm and does not provide realtick (or any other serious charting) but do have partner agreements with e-signal, dtn, qcharts, and a few others and CLAIM that their order entry can integrate smoothly into them. They appear to be $9.95, and I don't see a limit on the number of shares. They are definitely direct access.

    I actually considered them, but elected to go with TradeStation (because I do not trade large lots). If/when I do trade bigger I may try them out as an order entry platform separate from my data/charting...which may well stay TradeStation.

    Maybe others here have some experience with them, but I haven't seen them mentioned here much, if at all...

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  4. I currently use MB Trading and the integration of their order entry with eSignal has worked very well so far (used them for about 3 months so far). Very seamless.

    I chose them because of the $9.95 fee as well as the integration with eSignal since I trade in lots from 1000 to 5000 shares (primarily the QQQs). They also say they will offer futures soon (considering migrating to e-minis).
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  5. richk


    PointDirex has nice fee structure (per share fee) and also their Platinum system looks very nice. Yo can trade QQQ via NYSE or directly to ECN (like ISLD). Try their simulators.
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  6. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    Liquidity and slippage(trading on Island) are both very good.
    The two biggest differences are:

    1. Futures offers much better tax advantages.

    2. Commission savings: An example would be if you
    were trading the QQQ,s and paying 1 cent per share
    for 1000 shares, you would pay $20.00 for the trade.
    Trading 1 contract on the Nasdaq E-mini would cost
    about $5.00.
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