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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by daniel_m, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. I want to open a separate account solely for trading QQQs with decent size (5000-10,000 shares at once). This would be cheaper to do than with a per/share broker.

    So far the cheapest I have found is datek, who charge $9.95 for up to 5000. I wouldn't mind paying 2 lots of 9.95 to take 10,000 shares. It's still better than anything else i've seen.

    Does anyone know of any other brokers who could better this deal?
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    I talked with someone a few months ago... $8.00 with no size limit? I think it was Ameritrade. If not, it was somebody else. Check around?
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    Ameritrade charges $8.00 for market orders. Stops and limits add $5.00. Does not appear to have a 5000 share limit like Datek. They give you 25 free trades to open an account.

    Bert:D :cool:
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  5. ameritrade? scottrade? please.. i need direct access, not those glorified email brokers..
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    should have mentioned that in your first post..instead of wasting our time....
  7. what is the name of this forum?

    " Forums ›› Direct-Access Brokers ›› Retail Firms "

    I didn't think I needed to state the patently obvious..
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    retail firms.....:confused:
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    ameritrade? scottrade? please.. i need direct
    access, not those glorified email brokers.

    For what it's worth, Ameritrade's commissions are too high for my current share size. However, I like their interface, stops have worked, etc. My response has been pretty fast in my limited trading through that account.
  10. yeah, BUT... since 'retail firms' is a subset of 'direct-access brokers' (on ET)... i thought it was obvious that retail firms discussed here would have the property of being 'direct-access'
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