Cheapest feeds for Real-Time Quotes into Excel??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by seasideheights, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know of any inexpensive real time quote feed sources to get quotes into an Excel Spreadsheet?
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  4. Will esignal work in anyway feeding data into excel ? I use IB now but over half the time ,Excel wont respond and MS says after sending an errror report to upgrade Excel . I'm using Excel 2000 and not going to give more money to $oft for an upgrade I dont feel I need .
  5. You need a software like QuoteIn

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    P.S. - $7.00 bucks a month :D .

    P.P.S. - What do you trade? :confused: , can't offer solutions if we don't know the context of the problem.
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    I am using excel2k, and I have no problem with IB feed.
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    eSignal has worked with Excel for many years. I use it every day. There is a new version which is an upgraded Qlink connection for Excel that works with both eSignal and QCharts.

    I think this will be released with QCharts 6.0, eSignal 10.0 and the new eSignal Advanced GET 10.0 to be released in just a couple of weeks.