cheapest Eurex commissions?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by DougS, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. DougS


    Who has 'em? Surely IB can't be the cheapest. Or can it?

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  2. cheeks


    4 euros a rt is pretty low.

    Unless you are doing HUGE size I doubt it.
  3. No broker in Europe can match IB rates for Eurex.
  4. Franz


  5. Thank you for the link Franz. It's interesting. For me, IB stays cheaper as I don't trade 1200 contracts per month (yet...)
  6. damn those are some cheap commission!

    not so much for the one or two lot trader, but started doing some size - not even 'heavy' size - and the picture starts looking really good...

    i imagine it would be heaven for the Bund trader..

    how much cheaper can the deal get then this? i wonder what bone, who claims to trade more than 100 contracts a pop, pays...
  7. alain


    For the small single trader is IB by far the cheapest. If you get into higher volume 3000+ contracts per month then you get cheaper commissions. Out of my experience from around 4000 to 5000 contracts per month brockerfirms start to notice you.

    ps. be carefull with gdd... heared some stories.
  8. if you do 10 roundturns a day with 3-lots you halve your commission bill. that's not very heavy trading..

    alain, could you please share with us what you've heard that puts you off?
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  10. shyhh


    Does the rates also apply to CME ?

    Saw this "Gebühren für CME und CBOT exkl. Börsengebühren***"
    but don't know wht it means...
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