Cheapest Delayed 1-Minute Stock Quotes?

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    Hi, All:


    I am looking for delayed (even very much delayed, e.g. available in the evening at the end of each trading day) 1-minute price quotes for individual U.S. stocks and/or futures contracts.

    I am primarily interested in stocks, but will like to take a look at futures data if also available from the same software/vendor/website.

    Typically, the 1-minute data will have date, time, open, high, low, close, volume. If open, high, low are not available, then close will be sufficient. In the case of futures, an extra OI (open interest) record field would be nice, though not essential.

    Free software/vendor/website is great, but low-cost is OK and will be considered.

    Any suggestions on software and/or vendors and/or websites for obtaining such delayed 1-minute stock (and perhaps futures also) data? Plus any personal experience and feedback? Pros and cons?

    Let me start by saying that I know LiveCharts from (about $12 a month) does provide 1-minute data, but it only keeps about one-day's worth. This can be a problem if you forget or somehow fail to update data on a daily basis, as older 1-minute bars will not be available, leaving gaps.

    Also IQFeed, eSignal and Qcharts all provide such delayed 1-minute data at higher costs, but I would like to know others' experience in terms of data quality and costs, how far back such 1-minute historical data go for each vendor, plus any significant limitations under actual use.

    I hope this thread will serve to update and pool various ideas, experiences and opinions and thus become a useful thread to all interested in this topic.

    Thanks in advance for contributing.
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