Cheapest data I can buy for IB account

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  1. I have tentatively decided to open an IB account. I would need to get some data service.

    I generally trade only a few stocks at a time, and need 1) real-time data for the few stocks I trade 2) real-time intraday charting (tick by tick update) down to at least 5 minutes. 3)delayed Time/sales for review of any problems.

    Right now I use myTrack's Silver Plan which gives real-time data on up to 20 stocks, and intraday charting for up to 4 stocks. This is plenty for me since I only trade a few stocks at any given time. I get my L2 from Ameritrade, which works fine.

    I pay $20 for real-time data, $15 intraday charting, $1 NASDAQ fee, $10 for Ameritrade L2, etc., all together about $50/mo.

    Where can I get comparable data for cheaper price? Again, basically I need real-time intraday charting on a few stocks.
  2. -$25.00/month (nice realtime charts for stocks, delayed futures, but no time & sales at this price, very reliable, fast and tickXtick) -$85.00/year (uses links to IB data for free, very nice charts, and futures, and T&S)(you can also use mytracks data feed) -FREE also links to IB but other data sources like for $22.00/month. you get T&S but charts are only for current day -historical charts link to bigcharts & prophet (current day charts only in main charting program), marketfeed is VERY reliable, tick by tick, fast and NEVER down, also very nice charts.
  3. You can get your data for $10 (?) from IB, get SierraChart for charting (works with IB's data feed). SC is only $40 for 6 months.
    Visit their webiste for more info. See the software section of this site for the link to the SC website.
  4. could you also take the IB data feed, get the DDE link and build your own realtime charts?
  5. LongShot, QuoteTracker DOES have historical charts. Just right click on any stocks and select "Historical Charts"
  6. yes, of course you can pull up historical charts from prophet and bigcharts thru QuoteTracker, and that might suit his needs just fine. I actually had forgotten about this feature, and also i was thinking along the lines of building multi-day charts from QT itself which is something that can't be done at this point.

    sorry if i misstated QT features.

    i love QT, great program.

    ps i edited original message. hope i got it right this time.
  7. Yes, you got it right. We are working on multi-day live charts right now
  8. When you open your account at IB, sign up for the non-professional US Securities package Market Data Subscription. If you generate over $30 in commissions per month, this subscription is free. If you do less than $30 commissions it will cost you $10 per month.
    You basically get real-time data for about 10,000 stocks (and options, and futures). There's a free 15-20 minute delayed chart service included. You may have gotten an impression from the IB Demo that the data is sluggish, but you will find in a real account that it's much better.

    Give the basic IB data system a try before you decide to start paying for more. You might find it's just fine for you as it is.
  9. Why not use a firm that gives you all that for free? Some are even less expensive for commissions.
  10. The Yahoo realtime streamer is $9.95 and isn't too bad based on what you were asking about. (
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