Cheapest Brokers who clear through SLK?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by joe363, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. joe363


    I run a hedge fund and I trade 3-6 million shares/month. I was wondering if anybody could provde me with a list of cheap brokers who clear through SLK and what their commissions might be. I'm currently paying about a penny/share and I feel I could be doing a lot better, but I need a huge shor tinventory that SLK has. Thanx
  2. Check ETG and Generic
  3. My account does about the same volume as you (5-6 million shares a month). I can tell you that I am paying much less than a penny per share. ESPECIALLY if you ADD any liquidity on ECNs occasionally
  4. joe363


    ETG doesn't clear through SLK any more and Instinet's short inventory is just not the same.
  5. bbuff10


    I can work out something for SLK clearing at very good rates. Please email or private message me if you are interested.
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    You are probably a Zoolander fan! :D
  7. It would be much cheaper (and better) to open an account with SLK directly. I don't know any hedge funds that use introducing brokers. I am in a similar boat and I have had an account directly with SLK for years now. There are several reasons;

    First of all, do you think any introducing brokers do it for free???

    Next, is depth and breadth of services offered. No introducing broker offers SLK's full line of services. They have tradefactory, they can clear trades in any country that has an exchange, customer service is excellent, etc.